Give the Gift of Bread / Online Store

St. Lucia Bread Company has developed a gift line of special recipes —an excellent way to send those you love a “Little taste of Texas” that is as close to homemade as you can get without doing it yourself. Let relatives and friends experience the fresh-baked goodness for which St. Lucia Bread Company is known. They’re sure to be surprised and elated to receive a Texas gift basket from “back home.” And remember to put yourself on that gift list, too!


All of our breads, including our gift line, are baked and packed oven-fresh in a special commemorative Texas Flag Tin. It’s a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness and has many decorative and practical uses in anyone’s home—including yours!

Click the bread’s photo or name to see a larger photo and a tasty description. Click “Add to Basket” to make a purchase.

Mini Sampler
Bread of the Month Club
Berry Blueberry Bread
Berry Blueberry Bread with Walnuts
Pear Bread with Walnuts
Chocolate Chunk Bread
New & improved – Richer, More Moist
Pumpkin Bread
Apple Cinnamon Nut Bread
Apple Cinnamon Bread
Banana Nut Bread
Banana Bread
Cranberry Bread

How to preserve breads

Contrary to what we all may believe, the refrigerator will not prolong shelf life for bread. As a matter of fact, refrigerating bread dries it out and makes it appear stale faster. The proper way to store bread for longer shelf life is in the FREEZER. When you’re ready to use the bread, take it out of the freezer a couple of hours before usage and let it warm to room temperature in the bag. The bread will feel and taste just as fresh as the day it was brought.

Only the Best

St. Lucia Bread Company uses only the freshest ingredients and absolutely no preservatives or artificial flavorings of any kind. All our breads are handmade from scratch – no cheap, shortcut mixes are used. Also, we use only fresh fruit in our recipes, whenever possible. You’ve never tasted anything as good as St. Lucia Bread!

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